"We actually consulted John for another project, but it was his honesty that led us to hire him to do our stone fireplace. John was very forthcoming in his communication with us. It was our first time working with a contractor so we were a bit nervous. But John answered all of our questions, alleviated our concerns, and communicated with us through the entire process. A nice touch was that he would send us pictures of his day's progress. We love our new fireplace, and we continue to get many compliments on the work. We won't hesitate to recommend you and your furry helper Yoshi. Many thanks John."

     Marc Plante


"John's work ethic and professionalism stand out in his field. He finished this project on budget and before schedule. He kept everyone up to date on the progress and documented the work from beginning to end. His work is impeccable and he left the job site cleaner than he found it. I recommend him not only based on his masonry skills but also for his knowledge of general construction and his helpful nature."

     Cleo Thompson, Interior Designer


"I would highly recommend John from MyMason for anyone considering quality stone work for a fireplace surround. John was terrific to work with from start to finish and the results are simply stunning. He came with us to the stone supplier to help choose the materials, carefully explaining the pros and cons of the different options. His experience and knowledge helped us make an informed decision on materials that we are very happy with.
Throughout demolition of our old fireplace and the construction of the new, John was always on time and conscientious about minimizing mess and dust. It was a great touch to get regular photos of the progress of his work.
John offered us the opportunity to help design the placement of the stones; but after seeing pictures of his work, I knew that I could trust his eye and I was not wrong. Our new fireplace surround and hearth are more beautiful than I dreamed and that room is now our favourite place when the weather turns cool. We would not hesitate to work with John again on any masonry project and highly recommend him to others."

     Mary Ann O.


"We contracted John to update our fireplace with a realstone product. In an extremly clean, timely and professional manner, John completely tore down the existing brick and wood veneer structure, reframed the structure, measured and added TV supports and then boarded up and applied the stone product. John's experience showed in knowing what was needed and how to do it, resulting in a fireplace we are extremely happy with."

     Sharon and John Roy


"John's excellent workmanship speaks for itself, but we also appreciated his friendliness and professionalism: he kept us involved in the entire process, and even got the kids involved by showing them how some of his tools worked, and how he did some of the finer points of the job. An absolute pleasure to deal with throughout the job."

     Mike F.
     stone fireplace built from scratch.


"John completed the removal of our brick living room fireplace and secured the remaining chimney while we were out of town. We were very pleased to return to a clean workspace and a job well done! "

     Lynda Wood


"We invited John to offer advice on our fireplace and ended up hiring him to repair our damaged brick window sills. He offered a fair price and repaired all of them, replacing the spalled brick with rocked limestone sills, with sealant to finish them off. He showed up on the planned date, did a good job, took away the debris, and kept our property clean. We're happy with his work."

     Mark, Kanata North.


"John of MyMason (www.mymason.ca) shared two techniques with me at a Realstone Systems seminar and trade show event that demonstrated his acute and professional understanding of high quality stone installation. We do commend his high quality work."

     Steve Hodges
Realstone Systems
(stone used indoor for walls, fireplaces, and wine cellars, and outdoor walls, BBQ's, etc..)


John replaced our fireplace hearth in less than two days. He was attentive to our needs offering advice and worked well with the stone supplier returning to replace scratched or broken stones. Before and during the job John consulted with us about setting up the stone pattern and mortar set so that we were satisfied with the overall asethetic. His work site was clean and he made every effort to keep the area tidy. On this point he was the first contractor I have dealt with who's drop cloths were clean and dust free at the start of the job. Once completed John's offer to return and address any potential problems was assuring and a testament to his integrity, something that every home owner wants to see in a contractor. I'd happily recommend John to anyone looking for a mason.

     Carl R.
     (the client used my account discount to purchase the stones. He saw the scratches on one set, which I recommended he not take, and then on a new set, cracks were found and we replaced them.)


"While in search for a Mason, John impressed us with his manner of approaching a building, clearly explaining preventative measures for lasting results. If your goals are unclear he patiently assists in clarifying them, If your goals are already well defined you can enjoy the benefit of his fantastic pricing. I plan on using him again for the upcoming year.   (2012)"

     Shanon Gordon
     The Regional Group - Ottawa's largest property management firm.
     (Chimney repair, pointing, brickwork)


"John is a good communicator. He actually got back to us when I emailed him to ask when he would be coming! John was efficient and cleaned up the area well. We would hire him again to do work on our home."

     Tara Beechey


"MyMason repaired coloured cement on my home and did it nicely. John sufficiently matched the reddish-brown colour of the mortar between the bricks to blend in very well, and he applied a light tan parging to our contoured foundation that looks great."

     Dan Holm


"I found the MyMason web site from a Google search. The information on the site looked good so I sent an email to the address listed. John replied quite quickly, and after I had sent a few simple pictures showing the work to be done, he provided me with a price quote. His price seemed reasonable, and less than another quote I had received so I replied that I wanted to go ahead and book the work. At the agreed time John arrived at my house. We spent a few minutes discussing the job, and he offered me a few suggestions about the stone work around the front of my house. The requested work was completed properly and on time. I would highly recommend John Ernst for any household masonry repairs."

     Chris Porter


"MyMason repaired our concrete stairs, and did a fine job. John removed all of the loose concrete and then enough to expose the original rebar reinforcement and then built it back up. He was pleasant to deal with and got it done quickly."

     Christophe Credico


"John was prompt in answering questions and did top notch work, leaving the site clean and organized from the beginning to the end of our chimney repair. When there were a couple surprises hidden behind the bricks he took care of them. We recommend him to anyone needing a top notch mason."

     Rob Williamson


"John repaired my front steps as they were falling out of place. He patiently described the process and products he was using which I really appreciated. He easily worked his schedule around mine. My steps are now in fine shape and I am very happy with John's work and would highly recommend him to anyone. Thank you John! "

     Peggy O'Shea


"MyMason parged our walls for us, keeping the work area clean, and digging down just below grade to provide a smooth surface from end to end. We're happy with John's work and recommend him for parging."

     Tamara Williamson



"MyMason installed an interlock front walk. The walk is beautiful and has received many compliments. Also the foundation was parged and it has made a difference. MaMason has given reasoned and respectful advice."

     Cathy Enright


"We invited bids on the parging of our foundation and MyMason was the best price. John removed the loose parging and dug down a little all around to make sure it went below grade. He then completely reparged our foundation walls and did do very smoothly to give a flat finish. He also provided advice on cracks in our foundation and how to test them. We are very satisfied with his help."

     Chris Simard
     Subsequently hired MyMason again to repair their chimney and install a cap.


"We have a flagstone stairway that was breaking apart and we hired John of MyMason to fix it. He found dirt was used to fill the inner space, dirt that had frozen and expanded and consequently broken the joints, leading to its decline. John rebuilt the stair with a solid inner core and brought in new stones to replace the smaller ones we had before. He did the job quickly, cleanly, and we'd recommend him to our friends."

     Louise Penning


"I met John at a gas station and felt he was someone who could help me. He took the time to explain the materials, the choices I had, the pros and cons, and so I invited him to bid on repairing my brick window sills. He brought in limestone sills to replace the damaged brick ones, and did a great job. He used dropsheets to protect the roof and cleaned up all the debris. He did a fine job, and I would hire him again. He was nice to work with!"

     Sarah Bendell


"John has done masonry work for me before and so this Fall he returned to repair our front step which is made of flagstone. I lowered my cost by removing the damaged stone myself, and then John cut and set new stone on the landing and stairs. Together we managed a reasonable price and good outcome."

     Bruce Stephen


"My real estate agent recommended John of MyMason who did a fine job of removing loose parging and repairing it. He reparged entire sections to give it a uniform look. It helped prepare the house to look great for its sale."

     Stan Wolfe


"John was referred by my roofing company and did a fine job of rebuilding the top of my chimney and placing a custom-fit metal cap on it. He kept the work site clean and the chimney looks straight and strong."

     Marguerite Sullivan-Lee


"I am very pleased. With the work you carried out and the professionalism you portrayed."

     Steve Gordon, CEO
     The Regional Group - Ottawa's largest property management firm.


John repaired my natural stone chimney about 10 years ago (2000) and it's still holding, and since then I've invited him back to build a stairway of natural stone and dry-stack stone retaining walls (2005). I'm very pleased with all aspects of his work and have recommended him to others.

     W. Turner


Heritage House Godsent:   As first time home buyers, John was amazing at putting our minds at ease when it came to our 92 year old home. He really took the time to explain the process stages, alternative methods, and offered sound advice based on his many years of experience and knowledge.   He offered a much more human aproach to the nightmares of contracting, and you just can't put a price on that.



I thank you for your time and efforts.   I hope to be able to refer clients your way.   Have a great summer.

     Sales Representative
     Royal LePage Team Realty


I had John parge a side wall of my first home about 9 years ago (2001) and it has stood the test of time. More recently I had John do some leveling of my basement floor in my second home. I'd hire him again.

     E. Bradshaw


John saved me money, came up with a solution John didn't do any work for me, but did save me thousands of dollars. He explained how he could do what I thought I needed, and it would have cost alot, but he also proposed a creative solution that worked. I promised to write a recommendation in return, and here it is. Thanks John, for thinking and knowing your craft.

     Frank L.


I take this opportunity to tell you how pleased we were with the masonry work you did at our home. The work was done on schedule, on budget and in a very professional manner. We would not hesitate recommending you to our friends.

     F & L Strachan
     (Brickwork, parging, floor repair)


"I am impressed at the professionalism which was delivered each time I spoke with, or corresponded via email, with John, it certainly confirms a professional working relationship when I was not in a position to physically meet him as I was out of the area when I booked his services. To me, this reflects highly on his professionalism and is an incredibly important business bonus! When it came to dealing with my masonary concerns on my property he was genuine and attentive. He really made me feel like my property was a priority to his business. When I arrived on site to view the job upon completion, the property was clean of all debris, and the work was beautiful. I wish I had done this long before so that I could have enjoyed looking at the final product before I put the place up for sale. I would certainly recommend My Mason for all your masonary needs! Thanks so much to John and his team for an Excellent Job!"

     Roberta Flack


John, your prices have always been reasonable and your response time to our needs is incredible.

     Sky High Roofing
     (Concrete repair, brick repair, chimney rebuilding, parging, stone foundation pointing)


John repointed joints on our old home, matching the colour very closely. And he showed us how a previous contractor had just put a thin layer of mortar on instead of digging the joints out.   He let us see the excavated joints before he filled them in, so now we're sure we have a solid job not just the appearance of one.   We'd hire him again.



Thanks, Nice Job !

     Sylvie T.
     (Brick window sills replaced with stone.)


"Shortly after moving into our new house, two other masonry firms provided quotes of $3000 to $4000 for repairs that they said were urgent. When I called John, he inspected the house and assured us that our chimney was stable and in no dire need of being fixed. For the repointing work that John performed on the back of our house, he was efficient and cost-effective, charging a third of the price quoted by the other companies. I will definitely hire John again because he's honest and explains what needs to be fixed and why, and exactly what work he'll do to fix it."

     Maxine C.


"John of john@mymason did first class masonry work outside my house on Briardale, including parging around the perimeter, and creating proper drainage for my stone front steps.   Highly recommended."

     Don Fraser


"John repaired a stone retaining wall that holds up my front yard.  John is very professional.  He delivered on his commitments from the initial quote to the finishing touches to his work.   The work site was arranged to minimize disruption to the driveway.   The work was completed within the promised time frame and the replacement of stones was perfect.   The wall looks like new; it is now perfectly straight and I have every confidence, from seeing how it was re-constructed, that it will last for years to come.  I would highly recommend John."

     Patricia N.


"Thanks again for giving me a new outlook on my basement, which at the same time will save me a good chunk of money ($4500-$9000). I appreciate your candor. It is not often met with in the business world."

     Iain B.
     (He received multiple offers to parge the utility area in his basement, but didn't really need to do it.)


I originally contacted John to get a quote for some masonry repairs. He met with me in person reviewed each item. He was clear about what work he would not personally undertake and provided advice on what needed to be done, how to get it done and approximately what it would cost. He also provided advice on repairs that were not necessary to do and explained why. At a later date when I had a concrete step repair that needed to be done, I knew who call. We discussed what my options were and then he provided a clear estimate outlining exactly what would be done. The work was weather dependent so to schedule the work he kept in touch until the dates were firm. He answered all my questions throughout the process and completed the work on time and on budget. I appreciate the honesty, integrity and professionalism in the service he provides and the experience and expertise he brings to the table. I would highly recommend him.

     Tarek Raafat


"It is my pleasure to write this unsolicited letter of recommendation on behalf of John Ernst. John was the contractor we hired to freshen up the parging and flagstone around our home. I had no prior relationship with John, who had been referred to me.

I am extremely pleased with the final result. Specifically, I would give John top marks in the following areas:

1. Quality of work performed. The quality of work done was top notch.
2. Quality of work crew. (His wonderful 4 legged furry friend)
3. Flexibility and effectiveness in dealing with unexpected developments.
4. Responsiveness to homeowner's needs and concerns.
5. Value. I had solicited three bids for my project. Although John's bid was not the lowest, I am absolutely convinced that he delivered the best value (in terms of the work done) for the price.

In closing, I am very pleased with the final product and impressed with his work. In a world where shoddy workmanship and poor service are unfortunately all too common, John is indeed a rare find. I took this unprecedented step of writing an unsolicited letter of recommendation for John because I believe that exceptional work should be recognized. I would not hesitate to hire John again, or to recommend him to my friends and neighbours. I recommend John Ernst to you most enthusiastically, and without any reservations.

If you have any questions about my experience with John, please feel free to contact John for my contact information."

      Robert Meilleur       A very satisfied homeowner


"We are a small group of 5 condos who contracted MyMason to do several jobs around our complex. John was very detailed and thorough in his initial assessment of the work, provided a clear and easy to read estimate, and his pricing was more competitive than the other contractors we contacted to provide estimates for the same scope of work. He showed up when he said he would and completed everything on our "to do" list in a timely manner and with minimal inconvenience to the residents.

In completing the various tasks around the units (repointing, repairing cracks in the exterior walls, foundation parging and installing chimney caps) John was neat and tidy and cleaned up when the work was done. He arranged for (specialized) scaffolding to be provided by another firm, and they set it up and took it down according to the schedule and with minimum disruption to the area.

We are very pleased with the results and would readily hire MyMason again to do more work on the units, should it be required. As a qualified and reliable contractor who does good work at a good price and keeps his work area clean and tidy throughout the process, we have no hesitation in recommending John Ernst/MyMason for the masonry jobs you might have around your property."

     Director, CCC 196


John has received a certificate for successfully completing training in the installation of Arriscraft full bed and thin stack products used in fireplaces.