Here’s my thinking on deposits, maybe you agree.  You want someone who’s been in business a while, who is experienced, and who is serious about being in the business.  Who has Working Capital and who can afford to do the job, and then get paid.


Here’s a case as an example.

You may have read in the Citizen or on the CBC about an Irish couple that were bilking bed and breakfasts.  One reader saw their pictures on page three and realized the guy was renovating his steps.   He called the police and they deported the couple for working illegally in Canada.  Unfortunately the guy had taken a deposit, and, worse, had been doing the work incorrectly.   The client never got his deposit back and never had anything of any value from the faux-mason.  I was called in to repair his work.

I’ve met other clients who made deposits and never saw the person again.  If the mason hasn’t been around long enough to develop good business practices, like having working capital, do you really want them doing your job?