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    Case Study: Fireplace Surround - Wood Burning Insert Installed

        Before and After


    The Assignment:
        Take off old fireplace veneer, remove drywall.
        Change insulation, install better vapour barrier.
        Build up firebox to hold new wood-burning insert.
        Build wall-to wall bench.
        Cover with cement board, set heavy wood mantle.
        Build stone surround, wall to wall, ceiling high.
        Minimize dust, protect wood floors.
        Pass City of Ottawa Building Inspection.


Before starting demolition, the floor is protected with impermeable nylon tarps,
heavy canvas drop sheets, and thick moving blankets are laid on top.
The room is sealed with plastic, and a wet/dry vac is used frequently.
Tools are set up in the garage, and the stone is delivered and put in the garage.

We begin to remove the drywall, two layers thick.
Old and inefficient insulation, poorly sealed, is exposed.


Old Surround Removal
The drywall is down, now we remove the old fireplace structure.
We need to raise the bottom of the hearth, and remove the damper blade.


Surround and Damper Blade Removed
We remove the damper blade, leaving the damper structure in place.

Firebox Floor Raised
To support the new wood burning insert the firebox floor needs to rise.
Firebrick are cemented together with high temperature cement.

Insulation, Vapour Barrier, Added Framing
We've installed the Roxul, and used sealant to seal the plastic vapour barrier.
You can see new framing to support the mantle and cement board is installed.
Bench Built, Insert Installed
Their electrician has re-routed wall plugs and provided power to the insert.

We've built the bench's framing and installed the insert.
The City of Ottawa building inspector reviewed and approved.

Installing cement board
Cement board, with concrete screws, was attached to the framing.
The bench is built up 3" with non-combustible cement board and stone.
The Arriscraft Stone & Brick Ties
We've installed the Balck Indian Limestone hearth stones on the bench.
A black towel in this pic covers the stone to protect them.

As we set the stones with cement we install brick ties to the cement board.
The cement board is very strong, a kind sold by Merkley Supplies, which is better for brick ties.

Lintel Installed
We paint it with high temperature mat black paint before final installation.
Lag Bolts for the Mantle
Set deep into the extra framing we installed, these will hold the mantle.
The mantle will sit on the 4 inch deep stones, and extend out 7 inches further.
Mantle Installed
The mantle is set with epoxy glue in the holes for the lag bolts.
Cutting Stones
All the stones are chiselled to the right size.
The beautiful quality of Arriscraft stones is
they look the same inside as they do outside
so they can be cut in any way.

Chiselled indoors, the sand bags underneath protect the floor.

The new wood burning insert with a traditional stone surround and bench.
Floors protected; dust minimized by a temporary plastic wall; all to code.
Another happy client!


This page last modified: January 16 2011