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    Nakkertok Fireplace Surrounds

    Two-Ton Chimney Supported, Fireplace Rebuild

    Fireplace Surround - Wood Burning Insert Installed

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    Fireplace Surround - Natural Stone

    Electric, Natural Stone Fireplace

    Fireplace Hearth Replacement

    Stone Fireplace

    Cultured Stone Fireplace & New Framing

    Cultured Stone Fireplace Surround

    TV Mounted on Stone Fireplace

    Restructuring Fireplace: Wood to Gas

    Drywall to Stone Fireplace

    3-sided fireplace: Cultured Stone

    Fireplace Removal, Damper Removal

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    Chimney Repair

    Chimney Repair, Articulated Boom

    Custom Scaffold, Chimney Repair

    Lower-Chimney's Removal, Wall Restructuring

    Chimney Flue Replacement

    Concrete Chimney Cap as per Building Code

    Chimney - Sloped Side, Repair

    Chimney - Wobbly Chimney

    Brick Pillar

    Brick Garage Pillar Repair

    Window's Lintel Installation

    Brick Sill Creates Wall Damage

    Brick-to-Stone Window Sill Replacement

    Brick Retaining Wall Rebuild

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    Stone Wall Rebuild

    Granite Resurfacing of Concrete Stairs

    Stone Step Rebuild

    Stone Stair Rebuild - in Winter

    Stone replaces Brick Door Sill

    Stone Retaining Wall Rebuild

    Dry-Stack Retaining Wall Rebuild

    Dry-Stack Stone Retaining Wall

    Flagstone Patio Rebuild, Expansion

    FlagStone Step Repair

    Stone Replacement

    New Interlocking Stone Walkway

    Re-setting Interlocking Walkway

    Tile Installation

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    Cold Weather Masonry Rules

    3 New Cases Studies in 2015

    Salt and Concrete Testing

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    Concrete and Rebar Stress Tests

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    Parging, Cement Board

    Parging Examples & Techniques

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    Broken Concrete Step

    Basement Window, Concrete Cut

    Basement Window, Concrete cut-out

    Concrete Walkway, Landing

    Concrete Stairs and Landing

    Concrete Stairs and Landing

    Concrete Countertop




    Case Study: Cultured Stone Fireplace Surround

        Before and After


    The Assignment:
        Frame a wall around a gas fireplace sitting on a box.
        Attach the electrical plug to the framing.
        Cover with cement board, wire lathe, and cement scratch coat.
        Install cultured stone, hearth stones on bench, mantle.

    The Prep:
        Clean canvas sheets and carpet underlay protect the floor.
        Messy work, like cutting cement board, was done outside.

From Idea to Framed
From a gas fireplace sitting on a wood box, to ....
The idea adds depth, a hearth bench, and incorporates an outlet.

The framing is solid and very reinforced - it won't budge.

Adding Cement Board
Cement board won't rot or mold, won't burn.
It provides the base for the cement scratch coat.

Electrical Outlet
The electrical outlet was mounted in three ways to the framing.
The homeowner worked with their electrician to prepare it.



Completely Covered
The cement board adds strength to the structure.
We've left the rough side of the cement board facing out.
Cement board can be used outside, as it doesn't rot or mold.
Mantle Prep: Lag Bolts
Lag bolts set into strategically located, double-thick, boards.
7 inch lag bolts, set half way in,
Mantle Prep: Boring Holes
The lag bolts will be set into epoxy in these holes.

The wood is reclaimed from the Ottawa river, nearly 100 years old.
5 feet wide, six inches deep, six high.

Lag Bolts De-headed
The heads of the lag bolts are cut off to fit into the bored holes.
The level shows the lag bolts are lined up level.
Mantle Installed
The soft earthen colour of the mantle will suit the fireplace.
The central pot light is on a swivel and can help highlight it.
Braced temporarily during the epoxy's setting, it will be very strong.
Scratch Coat Applied
The scratch coat was applied in two phases, the bottom half and top half.

You can see the dry fit of the bottom section's front stones.

Hearth & Bottom Stones Applied
The flat hearth stones have been cut and set, suitable to sit on.
The stones under the hearth bench, and two corner stones are set to cure.
The Corners Climb
Corners and the bottom layer are installed first.

The client is experimenting with stones on the mantle, a focus point.

Filling In
We've built a bridge of stone over the hearth, now it cures.

A satisfied client
"John's excellent workmanship speaks for itself, but we also appreciated his friendliness and professionalism: he kept us involved in the entire process, and even got the kids involved by showing them how some of his tools worked, and how he did some of the finer points of the job. An absolute pleasure to deal with throughout the job."
Mike F.


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