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    Nakkertok Fireplace Surrounds

    Fireplace Surround - Old Wood to New Wood Insert

    Fireplace Surround - Old Wood to New Wood Insert

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    Restructuring Fireplace: Wood to Gas

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    3-sided fireplace: Cultured Stone

    Fireplace Removal, Damper Removal

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    Chimney Repair

    Chimney Repair, Articulated Boom

    Custom Scaffold, Chimney Repair

    Lower-Chimney's Removal, Wall Restructuring

    Chimney Flue Replacement

    Concrete Chimney Cap as per Building Code

    Chimney - Sloped Side, Repair

    Chimney - Wobbly Chimney

    Brick Pillar

    Brick Garage Pillar Repair

    Window's Lintel Installation

    Brick Sill Creates Wall Damage

    Brick-to-Stone Window Sill Replacement

    Brick Retaining Wall Rebuild

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    Stone Wall Rebuild

    Granite Resurfacing of Concrete Stairs

    Stone Step Rebuild

    Stone Stair Rebuild - in Winter

    Stone replaces Brick Door Sill

    Stone Retaining Wall Rebuild

    Dry-Stack Retaining Wall Rebuild

    Dry-Stack Stone Retaining Wall

    Flagstone Patio Rebuild, Expansion

    FlagStone Step Repair

    Stone Replacement

    New Interlocking Stone Walkway

    Re-setting Interlocking Walkway

    Tile Installation

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    Cold Weather Masonry Rules

    3 New Cases Studies in 2015

    Salt and Concrete Testing

    Concrete Curing Stress Tests

    Concrete and Rebar Stress Tests

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    Parging, Cement Board

    Parging Examples & Techniques

 Concrete Case Studies

    Broken Concrete Step

    Basement Window, Concrete Cut

    Basement Window, Concrete cut-out

    Concrete Walkway, Landing

    Concrete Stairs and Landing

    Concrete Stairs and Landing

    Concrete Countertop




    Case Study - Basement Window, Concrete Cutting

        Before and After


The Assignment:
    Cut a level hole for the window
    Install a supported Lintel.

Marking out the cut.
A self-levelling laser matched the window height with other windows.
Pilot holes were drilled in the corners.
All of this was done under Permit.


Window Well
Excavated to the weeping tile's gravel bed.
A vertical drain pipe will sit above the weeping tile.
The fill around the vertical pipe includes a layer of gravel, and a thick landscaping cloth.


Cutting the hole
Lined up with pilot holes and double-checked, the hole's sides are cut out.

A wet saw is used. and when working from the inside, a basin made of tarps keeps the watery sludge contained, which is simply wet-vac'ed away.

If the cuts can extend past the edge of the window space, then a larger coring saw can cut the block out in a single piece.

Sometimes a larger coring tool can not be used.



Removal of the concrete
We use a demolition hammer to break out the concrete.
The different tips for the hammer each have a useful purpose in such a job.
Window Space Open, Parged
A steel lintel is installed flush with the outside wall across the top of the window, scewed in, reaching four inches beyond each side.

The sides are parged with a little more than needed.
When the cement is almost set it is sanded down to ensure a good fit with the window.
The window is set with 4" masonry screws, pre-drilled, and caulked.

Framing to Taping
The framing is redone to fit around the window, with cripple, king and jack studs.

The tar paper is replaced, the insulation installed, with 6 m plastic as a vapour barrier.
All the seams and any holes are taped to seal the barrier.


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